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The central corridor between Kingshighway and Jefferson is vibrant and changing. The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) wants to ensure bridges and interchanges are optimized for modern travel. Planning now will result in the best outcomes for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. The first step in this process is a planning and environmental linkages (PEL) study to analyze long term goals for improvements to the corridor.

A PEL and a NEPA study’s purpose and need (P&N) are critical. Understanding the P&N of a planning study and being able to successfully incorporate such goals and objectives into the NEPA study will allow the projects that result from the planning study to go forward more quickly.

Community and stakeholder outreach is a significant component in learning how transportation infrastructure affects communities and those that use the roads for travel.  The public is brought in at the early stages of the PEL study to guide the relevant needs, problems, and alternatives into possible solutions. The corridor vision will be developed in collaboration with city authorities, the Missouri Department of Transportation, key stakeholders, community partners, and those who use the corridor. Opportunities to comment on the P&N help to resolve unresolved concerns that the public, stakeholders, and agencies will bring to MoDOT. For a printable fact sheet on the study click here.


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